Tools to help Find, Start, and Grow Your Business

Explore our tools to help get your business off the ground.

Business Plan

Build an effective business plan to minimize risk and start on the proper path

Financial Models

Build your financial model using one of our templates to help you get started

Zoning Verification

Verify location is zoned for business type before buying or lease signing.

Startup Cost

Determine how much capital you need to start your business

Market Research

Research your market opportunity for your product, service or business idea

Census Business Builder

Access Census Bureau data using their Business Builder for your business

Sales & Marketing

Build and manage your sales and marketing process to create brand awareness and grow your business

Service Providers

Search and connect with businesses that focus on helping small businesses start and grow

Local Requirements

Learn about business compliance for local, state and federal regualtory requirements

Making It Simple

Taking the first step towards starting your business can be quite exciting.  The idea of owning and running your own business to support your family or following your passion for a hobby are one of many reasons why entrepreneurs start this journey.

At Find Start Grow, we know this well as we are also entrepreneurs just like you.  We also know that from experience, starting a business can be challenging.  Knowing where to start, how to navigate through all the steps and when to seek help is a lot to figure out and often seems like a mystry.

There’s endless amounts of information that can be found but they only seem to scratch the surface.  At the end, you’re still trying to put all the pieces together to start your business and you haven’t even gotten to the fun part – running your business.

We’ve put together a collection of tools,  features, and guidelines to help you start and run you business and make it more simple.  We want you to focus your energy on pursuing your business dream, not waste it on countless hours of research and trying to solve the puzzle of starting your business.


– Team Find Start Grow

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