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627,000 New Businesses

Every year, there are over 600,000 new entrepreneures that pursue their dream of starting their own business.  There are countless number of potential entrepreneurs that are thinking about starting their own business.  What’s important is that each entrepreneur and new small business owner need help throughout their process.

30.2 Million Businesses

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, there are over 30 million registered small businesses operating in the U.S.  98% of those firms have 0 to 20 employees which means that they need resources like yours to help them run and grow their business.

For Small Businesses

We’ve created a centralized platform for new, current, and future small business owners where they can easily search and find the help they need to start and grow their business.  If you’re in the business of serving small businesses, welcome to Find Start Grow.  We’d love for you to be one of our service providers and connect with the 30 million small businesses that could use your help.  Chances are, you might be one of the 30 million small businesses looking to grow your own business!

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Trying to grow your business shouldn’t be cost prohibitive so we’ve made our pricing simple and cost effective for all of our customers.   

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